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Lets HACK...!!

Hello frnds, One more hacking method called "Portal Hacking (DNN)". This method also uses google search to find hackable sites.. Now you can imagine that how much is important for Hackers also...
Lets start the tutorials...

Step 1 :

Step 2:Now enter this dork

this is a dork to find the Portal Vulnerable sites, use it wisely.

Step 3: 
you will find many sites, Select the site which you are comfortable with.

Step 4: 
For example take this site.

Step 5: Now replace


with this


Step 6:You will get a Link Gallary page.So far so good!

Step 7: Dont do anything for now,wait for the next step...

Step 8:
Now replace the URL in the address bar with a Simple Script

Step 9:You will Find the Upload Option

Step 10:
Select Root

Step 11:
Upload your package Your Shell c99,c100 etc etc 

Hope all of like my articles...  Please comment !

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